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16 L American Oak Barrel with Stand, white oak, toasted

Lovingly handcrafted Sherry oak barrel produced by a traditional Spanish family business - it guarantees the best quality for your wine or self-distilled schnapps.

Item No.: T-8265

Shipping weight: 7000 g

Availability: Immediate delivery from warehouse

   Lovingly handcrafted oak barrels of best quality specially produced for us! They are of premium workmanship made by a traditional Spanish family business that only uses the best materials for their products.

   The oak wood used for these barrels is chosen based on experience that has been accumulated over a long period of time to ensure quality aging and mellowing of all kinds of distilled beverages.

   This type of barrel has been toasted which is perfect for storing, eg Whisky to give it a smoky flavor and a nice coloring. Each barrel comes with black hoops, a stand, a bung and a spigot.

   Ideally suitable for distilled beverages such as Cognac, Whisky, Tequila, schnapps and many more! If desired, it's even possible to store wine or cider in these barrels! Due to the high quality, this oak barrel will last you a long time!


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