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Set: 3 x wooden casks 2L, charred white oak, brown

Three pieces extra small, original Spanish sherry casks – brand new and ideally suited for maturing and storing your self-distilled spirits.

Item No.: T-8418

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Set: 3 x wooden casks 2L, charred white oak, incl. stand - brown

   We offer here three extra small, but original Spanish brandy or sherry casks, each with a volume of about 2 liters, on a sturdy wooden stand. Each cask is fitted with a spigot made of stainless steel, a cork and a wooden plug. The casks are hand-made out of American white oak and charred inside.  

   These casks are really special because they conform to the famous large Spanish sherry casks made of white oak in every detail. These casks are in great demand worldwide, and because of the high quality even used ones are traded at substantial prices. The ideal casks for storing your self-distilled or purchased alcohol for further maturing, and refining of aroma and color.  

   Please note that a new cask of this size imparts a lot of flavor at the beginning. Therefore, it is recommended that the cask be filled with cheap alcohol or wine at first. The color and aroma of the alcohol will change quickly and, after long storage, taste good. Brandy or premium quality wine should only be filled in after a while when the strong aroma has been leached out a bit.  

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