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6 x Incense Mixtures "Purification"

Purification Incense mixture for cleaning body, mind and soul - disperse a nice scent in your room with purifying effect

Item No.: E-7499

Shipping weight: 200 g

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Combined purification power to use in your home:

  • Camphor: strong clearing effect on its surroundings
  • White sage: Holy herb of the American Indians, strong purification effects in rooms

  • Olibanum Eritrea: Atmospheric cleansing frankincense - clears negative energies

  • Saumerio "Black Copal": Purification incense used by the Indians - dispels negative influences

  • Amber: carries the cleansing power of the sun inside

  • High Mountain juniper: used during healing ceremonies by shamans to drive away negative influences


  • 6 cans of incense for purifying your home
  • camphor, white sage, Olibanum Eritrea, 
  • Saumerio "Black Copal", Amber, high mountain juniper
  • For incensing on a coal or a sieve
  • total of 15 g


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