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Al-Ambik® essential oil separator 1L + 0.5L

Florentine vase for continuous separation of hydrosol and essential oils. Duran laboratory glassware.

Item No.: E-2524

Shipping weight: 2000 g

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Essential oil separator 1L + 0.5L

   This Al-Ambik® automatic oil separator will facilitate separating essential oils from hydrosol. German quality designed for laboratory and other suitable use. Put the bottle with the funnel under the distillate outlet to collect it. As the distillate fills the bottle, the essential oils float and the hydrosol automatically flow into the first 0.5l container. This flask will need to be emptied regularly, or directly drained. The precious oils accumulate in the larger bottle and with continuous use, spill into the second smaller flask. Ideal for distilling large quantities of essential oils.

  • Florentine vase, to separate essential oils 
  • Automatic separation of essential oils 
  • Made by Al-Ambik® 
  • Delivered with 3 containers (1 x 1L + 2 x 0.5L) 
  • German Quality 


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