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"Al-Ambik®" Herbal Mixture 100 g

Herbal mixture in a 100 g bag containing over 40 different herbs for a strong flavour

Item No.: E-7505

Shipping weight: 200 g

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In mash: 100 g für 10 up to 25 liters, ferment with the mash and distill after fermentation is complete

In wine: 100 g for 5 up to 25 liters; leave in the wine for around 14 days. Distill or drink the flavoured wine

For distilling: 100 g for 2,5 up to 5 liters. Let the alcohol rest for one day and distill


  • Al-Ambik® Herbal mixture
  • 100 g for up to 25 liters
  • Ingredients: over 40 different herbs:
  • (Anise, common tormentil, cardamom, coriander, ginger, gentian, caraway, clove, bitter orange, juniper, vermouth, cinnamon etc.)


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