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Alcotec Restarter Yeast for stuck fermentations

The ideal tool to restart the fermentation process if it did not succeed the first time or if you simply want to increase the alcohol content of your mash by starting a new fermentation.

Item No.: E-6812

Shipping weight: 80 g

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   New in our range of products: Our restarter yeast gives you a second chance to ferment your mash just in case things have not turned out to your satisfaction or if the fermentation process has been disrupted, but still contains a good amount of sugar for a new try.

   You can also add extra sugar if you plan on fermenting your mash one more time, e.g. to increase the alcohol content.

   This yeast will help you to receive the results you want. The amount of yeast cultures is sufficient for up to 50 liters and should not be used below 15 liters of mash.


  • Alcotec Restarter Yeast for secondary fermentation
  • restarts fermentation
  • 49 g = sufficient for up to 25 liters wash
  • works in wash of  7 - 8 % ABV only


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