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ALCOTEC Turbo Yeast 48H ❁ Special Fruit & Grain ❁ 14% in 36 hours ❁ 20% in 4 days

48 Fruit & Grain ❁ New Turbo Yeast with double enzyme ❁ Produce 20 % alcohol in 4 days! ❁ Extra fast and perfect for higher temperatures ❁ Optimal combination for a pure fermentation of fruit and grain mash ❁ With enzymes for starches and pectines

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"Alcotec" Turbo Yeast 48H  Special Fruit & Grain - 14 % in 36 hours / 20 % in 4 days

Newest addition to the Alcotec product line. Special combination of enzymes and yeast for fruit and grain mash. Faster fermentation in only 36 hours (14 %) or 4 days (20 %). 

This yeast can do more: Perfect for fruit and grain mash alike. Especially if additional sugar is added to the mash, this yeast ferments in a turbo mode. It extracts the fruit aromas fast and efficiently. Thanks to the enzymes, starches and pectines are processed equally well.

Another advantage: Especially during summer and in southern countries the Alcotec turbo yeast can still be actively used and will ferment with temperatures of up to 32°C. Experiment with our essences and aromas if you ferment  sugar mash only and create your favourite beverage in no time.

Important note: The starches in grain mash need to be converted to fermentable sugar before turbo yeast is added. Pour malt or amylase to the mash and start the conversion process. Hold the temperature of 62°C around 30 minutes and let it cool down to 30°C before adding the yeast.


  • Alcotec turbo yeast 48 H, special fruit & grain with double enzyme
  • 14% alcohol in 36 hours / 20 % alcohol in 4 days
  • Optimal combination for a pure fermentation of fruit and grain mash, with nutrient salt and enzyme
  • For 25 litres of fruit or grain mash
  • The newest Alcotec yeast, from England - better and faster


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