Anise (40g) - for approx. 0,7 liters anise schnapps / ouzo

Aniseed for the production of your own anise schnapps - or for cooking and seasoning.

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Anis (40g) – for approx. 0,7 liters anise schnapps / ouzo

Do you want to make your own anise schnapps? 40 grams anise of the best quality and freshness with a recipe for about 500 ml to 750 ml of self-made anise schnapps.  

   The recipe and the amount are geared to using the stills which are allowed for hobby and private use in Germany. We recommend our model Arabia or the column still for this recipe.   

Information: The aniseeds which are used originally come from  certified organic cultivation. Since we ourselves attach labels in the respective languages at our warehouse, we are not allowed to offer the anise as organically certified any more. You can be sure that we supply the best possible quality anise and that you can use it without hesitation for cooking and seasoning.

  • 40 grams aniseed of the best quality 
  • Fresh & high-grade
  • With recipe for ouzo  

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