"Arauner" cultured yeast "Portwein" 20ml

Bestseller: cultured yeast "Portwein", perfectly suited for almost all types of fruits and fruit wine – sufficient for 50 liters of mash.

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"Arauner" cultured yeast "Portwein" 20ml

   Selected yeast / cultured yeast: If a full-flavored aroma which results especially from slow fermentation with the right yeast is important to you, then you are well served by this premium quality selected yeast. Cultured yeast is ideally suited for all fermenting of fresh fruit, if you want to ferment slowly (traditional) and obtain a strong, natural flavor from the mash.


   On the other hand, if you prefer a faster (and more certain) fermentation with a high alcohol yield, then we recommend using turbo yeast. The Portwine selected yeast offerd here is a cultured yeast with excellent properties and is, with good reason, our bestseller. This Portwine yeast is versatile and ideal for almost all kinds of fruits, espeially for the following:  


Pineapple, apricot, banana, date, rowan berry, strawberry, grapefruit, rosehip, raspberry, elderberry and flower, honey (honey wine), ginger wine, black currant, kiwi, Cornelian cherry, dandelion blossom, Mahonia berry, melon, mirabelle plum, orange, peach, plum, lingonberry, quince, rhubarb, beet, common sea-buckthorn, cherry, blackthorn, gooseberry and grape (for Portwine).

  • Portwein selected yeast
  • 20 ml sufficient for 50 liters mash
  • Universal wine yeast
  • Cultured yeast, good for about 1 year
  • Store cool 


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