"Ardes" induction hotplate "Kookie One" | ø12-26 cm black/silver

Elegant single induction hob on easy-care glass ceramic in modern Italian design. Ideal side cooking zone, also for saving gas and perfectly suitable for all magnetic pots and pans.

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Product weight: 1500 g
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"Ardes" "Kookie One" induction cooking hotplate

Elegant induction single cooking hotplate for all magnetic pots and pans from 12 to 26 cm base diameter. With its 2.000 watts of power, the hotplate is quite powerful and can help save energy. We have tried it out: As a single hotplate next to the gas stove, we can use this induction hotplate to bring our espresso pot with its only 10 cm base diameter to the boil in just 2 minutes. On the gas stove, it takes 8 to 9 minutes. It is similar when boiling water, reheating ready meals of leftovers or quickly searing steaks. 

When simply heating up or cooking to certain temperatures, this hotplate shows well where the advantages of induction lie: you can set the temperature precisely, the plate is very easy to clean and (child) safe. You can hardly burn yourself and also save energy, because when reheating, for example, you could also set the temperature to 60 °C and use correspondingly less electricity. The 2.000-watt power of the hotplate is the maximum, but it can be set in 200-watt increments starting at 200 watts and does not need full power all the time.

Of course, induction hotplates also have a lot of disadvantages. For example, you need special pots with the heaviest possible magnetic base. The more iron there is in the pot, the faster you heat up the contents. That's why it works so lightning fast with a stainless steel espresso pot and not at all with a copper pot. You should know that an induction hotplate does not get hot itself, but changes the magnetic field very quickly. This causes iron to heat up. Iron is the only magnetic metal in the kitchen, which is why you can only use iron pots and pans on an induction hob.

We offer a range of wonderful copper pots (especially the Baumalu B'Chef cookware) with iron cores so that you can still cook happily in fine materials too. We also recommend the Baumalu induction adapter as an accessory. You can simply place it on the induction hob and use it to heat up other utensils, including a distillery. We wish you lots of fun.


- ARDES "Kookie One" induction hob with 2.000 Watt power in elegant design | Black/Silver
- Suitable for all pots and pans with flat steel bottom from 12-26 cm (and espresso pots) 
- Dimensions: 28.7 x 38.5 x 6.4 cm with 2.6 kg weight - Easy-care glass ceramic surface
- Economical, adjustable in 200 watt increments from 200 to 1,200 watt power - with 2,000 watt power for quick heating up
- Digital display and touch panel with temperature setting from 60° to 240°C and up to 240 minutes timer function

<h1>Ardes "Kookie One" Induction Hob</h1> <ul> <li>Ardes induction hob AR1F601</li> <li>Kookie One</li> <li>Suitable for pots and pans from 12 up to 26 cm</li> <li>2,000 watt power for quick heat-up</li> <li>Adjustable in 200/400/600/800/1000/1200 watt steps for cooking</li> <li>Temperature adjustable between 60u00b0 and 240u00b0C</li> <li>240 minutes timer function</li> <li>Sensor for pot detection</li> <li>Touch fittings</li> <li>Easy-care glass ceramic plate</li> <li>Elegant design in silver / black</li> <li>Anti-slip feet for safe standing</li> <li>Child safety lock</li> <li>Italian brand quality</li> <li>Digital display</li> <li>Weight: 2,6 Kilo</li> <li>Connection: Euro plug</li> <li>Dimensions: 28.7 x 38.5 x 6.4 cm</li> <li>Suitable for all magnetic cooking appliances.</li></ul>

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