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"CopperGarden" aroma sieve / basket (L) for hennin still (0,5 L)

Stackable aroma basket, fits the 0,5 liter hennin still from the CopperGarden forge exactly.

Item No.: E-1046

Shipping weight: 225 g

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"CopperGarden" aroma sieve / basket (L) for hennin still (0,5 L)

We supply all kinds of sieves which are compatible with the new "CopperGarden®" hennin still for the production of essential oils and alcoholic spirits – you can always find the appropriate supplies for your hennin still here.

    You can distil essential oils without hesitation using steam and this large sieve. The sieves can be stacked one on top of the other -  particularly for the distillation of essential oils it would really make sense to use two or three sieves in order to achieve a higher yield.   



  • Aroma sieve / basket (L) for production of essential oils
  • Supplies for hennin still 0,5L
  • Stackable, use multiple sieves as required   
  • Plain copper 

Regardless of the respective legal requirements, Destillatio offers a dealer warranty of 2 years for this product. Please click here to view complete Destillatio guarantee policy


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