Aroma Lamp "Celtic Knot" (Soapstone)

Beautiful aroma lamp to be used with your favourite essential oils & fragrances. Create a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

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Aroma Lamp "Celtic Knot" (soapstone)

Beautiful and small aroma lamp made of soapstone in the design of a Celtic knot. Evaporate water with essential oils and create a nice relaxing atmosphere in your home. The essential oil will slowly disperse and release your favourite scent into the air.

The aroma lamp can also be used to evaporate water during winter when the room air has become too dry. 

Try this lamp with your self-distilled hydrosols & essential oils!

  • Beautiful aroma lamp made of soapstone
  • Design: Celtic Knot, Colour: blue glazed
  • Dimensions: Height: ca. 8.5, diameter: ca. 6.5 cm
  • With removable bowl for easy cleaning

<ul> <li>Beautiful aroma lamp made of soapstone</li> <li>Design: Celtic Knot, Colour: blue glazed</li> <li>Dimensions: Height:&nbsp;ca. 8.5, diameter: ca.&nbsp;6.5 cm</li> <li>With removable bowl for easy cleaning</li></ul>

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