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Aromalife Spray "Rescue" with Bach flowers, 15 ml

Valuable flavoring substance in connection with Bach flowers are a great help in your daily life. The little spray bottle fits perfectly into every purse for immediate help.

Item No.: H-1351

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   This product containing Bach flowers offers help in many situations and can be multifunctionally used depending on your needs. It supports your nervous system by providing a calming effect during hard times and helps you to feel more relaxed.

   In many situations it works encouraging and supportive when having to decide on important issues. It also has a highly comforting effect. You will definitely feel the effect of all the carefully selected ingredients to provide you with new energy and hope.

Practical application:

Deeply inhale a spray of 2 - 4 times, several times a day in a room or suitable windless environment. Also usable as perfume on your skin.


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