Bag-in-Box: carton for 5 L bags

The carton for the practical "Bag in Box" bag, with spigot, for your self-made juices.

Item number: E-6256
Product weight: 200 g
Shipping Weight: 300 g


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Bag in Box - carton 5 liters

The matching dispenser carton to the extremely practical juice bag (Bag in Box). A really practival system, because the juice in the plastic bag does not come into contact with oxygen during serving and therefore remains fresh for a long time. The carton supplied here serves as a stable dispenser for the bag on a shelf or table.

We also supply the matching Bag-in-Box bag.


  • Bag in Box - carton for dispensing
  • Practical system for your self-made juices
  • Printed with cheerful fruit designs
  • Match all 5 liter bags 

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