"Baldini" Organic Aroma Bergamot 5 ml

Certified organic bergamot aroma oil made from biological and dynamic Demeter cultivation. Only the best for your senses! Suitable for cooking as well as fragrancing - fresh lemon flavor.

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   "Baldini" bergamot aromas have a very intense flavor which comes directly from mother nature and are carefully produced to provide you with maximum quality. These aromas are multifunctionally usable in modern cuisines! Adding them to soups or fish fillets providing a nice lemon taste, will ensure a highly pleasant taste. You will be surprised how tasteful and healthy cooking can be.

   Of course, these aromas are also very suitable to fragrance your room using aroma lamps and air humidifiers as well as using them in aroma therapies.


  • Citrus bergamia, Italy,
  • from Demeter - biological and dynamic cultivation
  • 100% pure aroma made from organic essential oils
  • cold-pressed
  • 5 ml in glass bottles

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