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Medicura balsam essence, 50 ml

Do you like the scent of essential oils or suffer from colds? If so, then use this balsam essence made of natural essential oils in your humidifier or for inhaling.

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50 ml balsam essence for freshly scented rooms and for easing the discomforts of colds 

Medicura aroma balsam: Essential oils have been used in aroma therapy for a very long time for promoting the healing process. Especially the natural oils from mint, eucalyptus, pine and camphor which are contained in this balsam essence are very beneficial against the discomforts of influenza, colds or respiratory illnesses. 

This balsam essence in combination with the room humidifier "Paco" in our product line is ideal. Simply add a few drops of with the dropper and enjoy the refreshing, soothing scent which unfolds in your room.

The balsam essence should be used sparingly due to the strong scent. If the balsam esence is diluted it is also suitable for easing the symptoms of colds.




  • 50 ml brown glass bottle with dropper 
  • Balsam essence against influenza and colds 
  • Diluted, also ideal for inhaling 
  • Can be added to humidifiers 



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