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Beer Yeast Bottom-Fermented 5 g

This yeast is bottom-fermented. After fermentation it will sink to the bottom of the vessel to be filtered after brewage.

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   Today, cultured yeast is standard for beer brewage. It sinks to the bottom of the vessel after the fermentation process has ended. That's why it is called bottom-fermented. This yeast mixture is a proven formula for a safe fermentation.

   The perfect temperature for this yeast lies between 8 and 12°C (46.4 - 53.6°F) for best results. With rising temperatures, the fermentation would continue top-fermented and this yeast would lose its purpose.

   Due to the low temperatures, less bacteria and microbes can evolve during fermentation which makes storing much safer for longer time periods and ensures a better longevity of your products.


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