"Berk" Charcoal Tablets - quickly igniting, 4 cm

Little charcoal tablets to use for your incense burner to apply on sand or to simply use along with incense or resin to disperse a nice scent into your room. One tablet burns for more than one hour and can therefore be used with different types of incense

Item number: E-7512
Product weight: 104 g
Shipping Weight: 210 g


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   Charcoal: The tablets have a diameter of 4 cm and are the best on the market at present. It is sufficient to light it one side to start a quick ignition. After a few seconds, it is already possible to apply incense or resin on the tablet to enjoy a nice scent in your room.

   The tablet has a little deepening for safe burning of incense material or whatever you intend to use. Therefore, it is almost impossible for the material to fall off. The charcoal burns for more than one hour, so it is possible to apply more material or to use various types of incense.

Incense and Resin Accessories:


  • Set - perfect gift! 9 different olibanum scents and accessories in a wood box
  • Olibanum - mixture Jerusalem
  • Copper tongs - to apply incense material on charcoal tablets
  • Copper spoon - to apply resin material on charcoal tablets

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