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"Berk" "Power of Success" incense - Mystery Line, 30 ml

A special blend of incense with pure myrrh, which reinforce self confidence.

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"Power of Success" incense, Mystery Line, 30 ml

  "Kraft des Erfolges" incense: boosts self-confidence and provokes success. A useful blend of incense to use before taking important decisions or negotiating a transaction. A psychological support for successful studies and business.

  Releases a pleasant blend of aromas of Oak bark, cinnamon, Iris root and pure myrrh.

Recommendations: we suggest you use quick-lighting incense charcoal. Place some sand in the bottom of your incense burner, so as to collect the resin and charcoal residues and to avoid damaging your burner. Light the charcoal, held by tweezers or tongs.

Once ignited, place the charcoal on the rack (for burners with a rack) or directly onto the sand. With a mortar, crush the resin and sprinkle it onto the charcoal. The resin will diffuse its fragrance and you can to add more as you go.

When you’ve finished, don’t forget to put the charcoal out with water (this is extremely important as it’s the only way to put it out completely). Throw away any remains of charcoal and resin as well as the sand. Clean your incense burner for safe storage.   


  • "Power of Success" incense blend to boost self confidence and provoke success
  • A fine blend of tree barks and resins
  • 30 ml flask = enough to use approx. 50 times 
  •  Quality product by Berk Mystery Line


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