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Distilling in Motorhomes

posted on 01.06.2017 08:00 hour

Distilling in small areas - we show you how to do that!

   Distilling in motorhomes? Is this even possible? Our little Arabia still 0.5 L fits almost anywhere and with the right equipment you can even distill in small places, so in the kitchen of your motorhome.

   Please provide adequate ventilation during the distillation, especially when operating with an alcohol burner. Safety first! Even more important is the cooling part here. At home we have different options such as crushed ice, directly connect the condenser to a water tap or alternatively use the accessory set with a pump and different hoses.

In a motorhome we have to improvise! That's why I had the idea to use a larger water container to ensure efficient cooling.

Destillieren im kleinen Raum


   I used a "Speidel" must container as water tank to guarantee efficient cooling. Simply place the container higher so the water can flow easily into the condenser.  

The excess warm water can be collected with a plastic bottle and store it away for later use, maybe for rinse water. 

With the discharge cock attached to the water container it is possible to adjust the speed of the water flow. 

   The water should not run faster into the condenser than it actually escapes it which would lead to overflowing of the condenser and a huge mess in your kitchen. Always have towel ready, just in case! 

   Below you will find a photo that shows you in detail how I set up the still plus equipment. The hoses are included in our accessory set with pump for stills up to 3 L. This set guarantees the best cooling performance for our little copper stills!


   Setting up the coolant system



Die Destillation im Wohnmobil - Draufsicht



   What can I distill?




  I have distilled Gin this time, because I still had some Korn leftovers that I didn't feel like drinking pure. By adding juniper berries, coriander and some lemon peels you will produce a fine Gin in no time.

  The best thing about this type of alchohol is that you can vary the ingredients to your liking and create a unique beverage every time.  

  Maybe try adding orange peels next time or cinnamon? Have fun experimenting, because that's what distilling is all about. 

Alternatively, you can mix anise into the liquid and distill a tasty anise schnapps. It's all up to you!

Destillieren unterwegs im Wohnmobil



My Distilling Advice




   We don't recommend filling the boiler too much. 350 ml should be sufficient as we already distill a high proof alcohol.

   The result will be aromatic and with a high alcohol percentage. Ideally, it is best to dilute the alcohol after distillation to a drinkable 40 to 42 % ABV. But of course you can try your self-distilled alcohol pure if you like. 

   Good to know: By using a store-bought alcohol for distillation, you do not need to separate the Heads from the Heart. So, happy distilling!

Destillieren unterwegs im Wohnmobil