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Product development, your feedback & ideas!

posted on 15.02.2016 08:00 hour

Did you know that we continously improve our products?

Every product improvement needs time, evaluation, experimentation, but most importantly....your feedback! We can only improve the function of our stills when we know exactly what our customers think of the products we sell. That is why we encourage sending us ideas and feedback. We communicate this information to the forges who then handcraft new prototypes for us. That's exactly how, for example, the Alquitara Plus has been developed recently.


But this blog is about the orginal - the Alquitara for essential oils! A top selling copper still up to this day!

We can proudly say that the Alquitara has been produced in series only due to our persistence and passtion for distilling. Even though our bestseller is copied by other forges very often these days, the original will always be the best. We can hardly satisfy the high demand for the Alquitara and thus longer waiting period have to be taken into account. But it's clearly worth the wait!

No matter the size - large, medium or miniature - we have uniquely optimized the properties for maximum essential oil yield and best results. At first, when we suggested new models and miniature sized stills to the forges, we were laughed at. It was taken as a joke! Especially the 0.5 L stills were a tough job and negotiations for a product launch took very long. Miniature stills need much more attention for detail and thus the production time takes longer. Thanks to our persistence, we now have large quantities produced, almost monthly, and can supply a huge market.

We have even introduced many hobby sized copper stills as we mainly operate in the hobby area. At that time, the forges had mostly produced stills for commercial use. Such large still sizes can of course not be operated with private customers and we decided to change all that so you can enjoy using stills in your home, garden or on your porch without heavy equipment that would otherwise make it impossible for private customers to distill. We are very proud of these achievements and all the changes that have happened over the years. And there is much more to come! Especially the column stills have originally been used for pomace and are now part of our essential oil models. Additionally, they can be used for flavouring alcohol and are very versatile! Just have a look at the smallest size: our fully functional 0.5 L copper column still. Small but very effective for the production of hydrosols (plus little amounts of oils) and also fun to experiment with.

You thought that's already it? Absolutely not! Over the years we have also introduced screw connections to the ghost pipes in order to seal the stills properly. Before that, the parts were loosely connected and traditionally sealed with a paste made of rye and water. Due to the screw connections and seals, this practice has become unnecessary in most cases. Although, we need to seal the connections between the boiler and head and we think we shouldn't completely remove tradition from copper stills. Moreover, the pipes have become wider, mainly for security reasons, because now pressure cannot build up in the pipe which could cause serious injuries. It is released evenly and safely!

The still you see in the picture has its very own history! We went on a research trip to Morocco several years ago to find out more about traditional distilling methods, especially regarding essential oils. At that time, we were interested in improving already existing models as we aimed for higher amounts of essential oils. The Moroccan people were very friendy and taught us a lot about their methods as well as the shape that had proven to be best over the years.

Armed with this knowledge, we went back to the forge and explained our plans. At the forge, a model for essential oil & hydrosol distillation already existed. So back to negotiating! This is how the Alquitara was created! Up to this day, it is a top selling product and the demand can hardly be satisfied!

But why should we stop here? If you rest you rust! We have intensified the research in this field and combined two copper still types again - the Alquitara and the column still.

Our goal was to further increase the amount of oils per distillation while at the same time maintaining a good oil & hydrosol quality. That's why we came to the conclusion that another condenser had to be added - a Liebig condenser that is directy attached to the short ghost pipe. The Alquitara Plus was born! Two condensers ensure the best cooling so you can squeeze out the last drop of oil from your plants. The space in the column allows for more plant materials to be used per distillation and therefore it is possible to obtain more oils.

Of course, we would like to continue improving our copper stills and other products. That's why we need our customers and their experiences. Ideas and feedback is highly welcome and we encourage you to get in touch with us! 

If you would like to do so, please shoot us a message:

We hope that you enjoy our products as much as we do. Feel free to browse our website for more information on stills, copper and distilling-related topics.