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Well-camouflaged distillery in top design

posted on 28.03.2015 15:05 hour

   Have you ever wondered about a possibility to bypass customs regulations that won’t allow you to purchase and use your desired still size?


   Well, the solution is finally within reach! The Brazilian designer Francesco Morackini has developed a still prototype that can no longer be considered illegal for alcohol production. Why? Because it consists of 4 kitchen utensils that everyone has at home –it includes watering cans, pots with lids, fruit bowls and alcohol burners. Francesco Morackini combined these 4 objects and designed a very unique still. All 4 parts can be used individually or be assembled for distillation. And that’s what makes it legal in every country! Honestly, who could forbid you to use cooking pots or fruit bowls? Of course, no one!


   Using everyday items will therefore be the solution to distilling whatever you like and in the size you prefer! So far, this still is merely a prototype, but we are very sure of its potential to hit the market and will keep in contact with the inventor to keep you updated. This still would surely provide the freedom we have fought for so long and would also finally make an example! The negotiations with various producers are still in process – and we are attempting to convince our own CopperGarden® blacksmiths to craft this unique still. Rest assured that you won’t have to wait for very long until this piece of art will be available for purchase.


   Below we will show you some of the artwork on what the still could actually look like (design of Francesco Morackini). Of course, the design can vary or be adjusted according to customer wishes – we are open to your ideas! Feel free to browse the website of the inventor to learn more about the concept and take a look at the series of photos on how the still can be used at home.


   Have fun!

well-camouflaged distllery in top design