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Where do our products come from?

posted on 01.10.2017 08:00 hour

Regional products with Destillatio? Over 60 % of our articles are produced directly in Germany! If you would like to know more about the origin of our products, please continue reading...


With the launch of our latest catalogue, we have agreed that, whenever we have the choice between regional products and those from non-national suppliers, we would choose the local option. Of course our first decision is based on the quality we would like to offer to our customers in order to ensure customer satisfaction. On the other hand, we also aim at contributing to a sustainable acquisition of our products. That's why we combine your customer satisfaction with regional articles for a clear conscious and are sure to have found the best solution for both sides.

Regional products?

It seems difficult to believe, but most of our products come from regional suppliers. This includes many thermometers and measuring instruments as well as several yeasts, mashing accessories and of course must containers.

The latter is delivered from the supplier's warehouse that is only 60 km away from us - almost a stone's throw.

Over 60% made in Germany!

Bilder aus der Kupferschmiede

We obtain our products from all over Germany! The Al-Ambik® distilling thermometer is produced 200 km away from us, the TFA glas stills are made in Wertheim and many of our mashing accessories come from the south of Germany. More than 60 % of the articles we sell are originally made in Germany!

Unfortunately, Germany is an industrial nation and one of the biggest exporters with a huge lobby connected to it. This is noticeable especially in the field of traditional craftsmanship, especially in terms of copper, which has become rare.

Services such as tin-lining copper pots and pans have become cost-intensive and more complex (e.g. galvanizing). The equipment for tin-lining even the smallest pot requires expensive immersion baths and other costly tools. Private customers are mostly unable to afford such services that can easily exceed 1000 EUR.

We, on the other hand, tin-lin pots and pans by hand and are therefore able to charge only a fraction of these costs. Tin-lining pots and pans below a holding capacity of 10 liters will cost you only 38 EUR plus the shipping back to you (Germany only 3,90 EUR with DHL).Do you see the difference?

In the picture you can see the tin-lining process at the forges and we have a similar procedure at our warehouse as well. Easy methods with good results.

European Manufacturing

Made in Europe

Almost all our copper articles are made in EU countries. We have various cooperations with copper forges in Italy, Portugal and France as well as with a supplier located in the European part of Turkey. Here we use their unique talents for our products - every forge produces different copper products.

Of course, we also supply the necessary equipment that is needed to create your favourite alcohol, step by step. Everyone starts small and therefore, first of all, we supply fruit grinders and mills. The finer the fruits are grinded and processed, the higher the chances are for goods fermentation results. Our product range includes yeasts (United Kingdom, Belgium, Sweden), gas burners (Spain), electric hotplates (Italy, Germany) and all sorts of flavours (Sweden, Italy). Quality made in EU.

Made in China with Destillatio?

The exception proves the rule! Many of the Ardes products that we sell are produced in China, because Ardes is the biggest refrigerator distributor in Italy. The electric hotplates, however, are still manufactured in Italy.

Incense bowls and cones are made in India. So we can proudly say that our range of products include a wide international variety. At this point we would also like to thank all our customers for the interest they show and have shown in our products over the years! We have grown with your feedback and suggestions!

If you have questions, simply shoot us a message and we will get back to you: