"CopperGarden®" colander, 26 cm, tin-plated

Premium copper colander, tin-plated inner surface. Perfect as a fruit bowl, but also an excellent colander / sieve for daily use.

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"CopperGarden" tin-plated colander - 26 cm

Copper colander / sieve for fruit arrangements or for draining washed fruit and other types of food. The colander is tin-plated inside and is therefore food-safe and resistant to fruit acid.  

A lovely addition to any kitchen and very versatile as decoration or for daily use. The copper on the outer surface will change after a short time of use into a deeper shade and take on the typical rustic brown of copper. If you want to keep the gleaming copper shine permanently, we recommend that you use a copper polishing cloth and copper sealant immediately in order to retain the sheen.    

  • Hand-forged work of art made of copper 
  • 26 cm diameter
  • Resistant to fruit acid, tin-plated inner surface 
  • Genuine, top quality copper 
  • Brand name quality from the CopperGarden forge 

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