"CopperGarden®" SET: Feuerzangenbowle/Brandy punch, tin-lined

Complete set with sugarloaf holder, copper ladle, 10 L pot and copper mug

Item number: E-9288
Product weight: 3000 g
Shipping Weight: 4000 g


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Feuerzangenbowle set: A new masterpiece from the "CopperGarden®" forge, lovingly handcrafted and in superb quality.

We present the latest "CopperGarden®" copper kettle, complete with a stylish holder for sugarloaf, a 0.5 L mug and copper ladle with wood handle. This set is tin-coated and is therefore also suitable for storing Feuerzangenbowle for a longer period of time (lemon & orange or white wine contains acid and can attack bare copper!). Also suitable for catering for public events. "CopperGarden®" copper kettle with approx. 10 L holding capacity, complete with sugarloaf holder, a mug and a large copper ladle.

  • approx. 10 L holding capacity
  • acid-proof, tin-lined interior
  • diamerter (top): approx. 26 cm, diameter (bottom): approx. 18 cm
  • Length: approx. 32 cm, 
  • Height: approx. 20 cm

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