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"Ardes" warming tray / plate warmer "Helios"

The meal is ready, but your family are late? With the warming tray "Helios" that is no problem - just warm the container quickly and you can keep the food hot for 2 hours.

Item No.: G-0971

Shipping weight: 2800 g

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Ardes warming tray / plate warmer "Helios"

"Punctuality is a virtue". Especially at meal times it is annoying when someone is too late. Thanks to the warming tray "Helios" there is no reason anymore to be in a bad mood. You only have to pre-warm the container for 5-7 minutes and the food remains warm for up to 2 hours. 

   Due to the detachable cable you can use the warming tray also at the table. Its stylish design makes it an eyecatcher and is sure to impress your friends at the party or brunch.

   The oval warming device is made of stainless steel. The outer casing is made of heat-resistent Thermoplast and not only looks great, but it is easy to carry without burning your fingers. The plate warmer is easy to clean and the economical 350 watt consumption makes it a real energy saver. You can also use the warming tray "Helios" for warming up food slowly. 


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