Cooking Spoon with Heart - 30 cm made of beechwood

Practical cooking spoon with heart-shaped hole. Perfect length and natural material, does not scratch and is perfect your non-stick pans and pots.

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Small cooking spoon with a heart

It all depends on the shape! Here at Destillatio, we are cooking with love.

With this wonderful beechwood cooking spoon, you not only stir every dish perfectly, but also show how much you love to cook. For friends and family and of course for your valuable pots and pans. The soft beechwood will certainly not scratch the surface. Thanks to the hole, the stirring effect is increased, which is particularly noticeable with delicate dishes such as polenta, risotto or semolina porridge. With your heart, stir a little love into the food. You will taste it.

Wood is the best material for cooking anyway. Environmentally neutral, completely harmless to health and also vegan, made in Europe. A spoon that we love, especially as an accessory for all valuable copper pots, casseroles and mixing bowls. Wood does not get hot when stirring and is stable enough to push a pan aside.

In order to prolong longevity of this spoon, we recommend rubbing it with a good food oil first. This will close the pores and prevent it from picking up the aroma or color of your dishes.

  • Practical cooking spoon with heart, for lovingly stirring your food
  • Handmade out of natural beechwood 
  • Does not scratch, perfect for non-stick pots and pans
  • Made with love in a small manufacture in Slovenia
  • Wood is still the best alternative to plastic in the kitchen, sustainable and gentle to your pots and pans

<h2>Small cooking spoon with hole</h2> <ul> <li>Handy cooking spoon with hole</li> <li>scratch-proof, ideal for coated pots and pans</li> <li>Material: untreated beech wood</li> <li>Specifications: 25 cm long</li> <li>Head: 4.2 cm diameter</li> <li>Height: ca. 9 mm</li> <li>Sustainable &amp; Vegan</li> <li>Handmade, made in Europe</li> <li>Perfect shape with hole</li> <li>Handle remains cool while cooking</li> <li>For all coatings and materials</li> <li>For copper, tin, ceramic, plastic, glass etc.&nbsp;</li></ul>

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