Spatula made from olive wood M = 25 CM

Sturdy spatula of fine olive wood with beautiful grain. Perfect for all coated pots and pans as it doesn't cause scratches.

Item number: U-6077
Product weight: 600 g
Shipping Weight: 250 g


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Spatula made from olive wood

This beautiful spatula made out of fine olive wood is handmade and a real eye-catcher. The sturdy but high quality finish will not cause scratches in your cookware. 

Wood is the best material for cooking and olive wood is the luxury class. This is not only true due to its beautiful look, but at the same time it is environmentally neutral and food-safe. Another advantage: Wood won't get hot. 

The longevitiy is a lot better compared to beech wood. If you would like to use this material for a long time, we recommend applying olive oil every now and then. 

  • Sturdy 25 cm spatula made from olive wood, every piece is unique
  • Handmade and scratch-proof, ideal for coated pots and pans

<h2>Spatula made of olive wood</h2> <ul> <li>Sturdy spatula for pots and pans</li> <li>scratch-proof, ideal for coated cookware</li> <li>Material: fine olive wood</li> <li>Specifications: ca. 25 cm long<br /> Width: 6.5 cm diameter<br /> Height: ca. 5 mm<br /> Weight: ca 60 g</li> <li>Sustainable &amp; Vegan</li> <li>Handmade in Tunisia</li> <li>Handle remains cool during cooking</li> <li>For all coatings and materials</li> <li>For copper, tin, ceramic, plastic, glass etc, ...</li></ul>

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