SET: "CopperGarden®" 30 cm Fish pan with accessories

Our fish pan set: Due to its oval shape, this frying pan is the perfect fish pan and ideally suited to, for example, fry and serve two (up to three) trout at the same time. Resilient copper quality from the CopperGarden® forge and handcrafted with a lot of love. We also give you two oval cork coasters, a cherry wood spatula that perfectly matches the pan, a wooden knife and a copper brush.

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"CopperGarden®" fish set: oval copper pan, cork coaster, knife, brush and spatula

Cheaper in a set. We offer our wonderful fish pan with two coasters and a perfectly shaped spatula that can be used very well to lift fish completely out of the pan. We also add a copper brush for cleaning afterwards.

This very versatile oval copper pan is sure to give you a lot of fun while frying. Thanks to the perfect thermal conductivity of copper, you can fry, steam and simmer better than with any other pan and you will soon no longer want to use any other material. Copper is the most popular material in fine dining, as well as in traditional kitchens, and for good reason.

Due to the oval shape, this pan is perfect for preparing fish. The 30 cm version is the largest of the three CopperGarden® fish pans and allows two trout to be roasted at the same time. You can even cook three fish at the same time in the oven. The pan can be used on any hob (except induction!) thanks to its robust quality. It can also be used on the grill, over an open fire or in the oven.

Since the copper pan is beautiful to look at, you can serve your freshly cooked dishes directly on the table. Copper is a very beautiful material and your guests will be amazed for sure. Of course, you can also prepare all kinds of other dishes in the pan. Fried dishes, all kinds of rice dishes such as paella or risotto and stir-fried vegetables are particularly successful. Cooking in copper is really fun. Thanks to the food-safe non-stick coating made of pure tin, you can prepare all foods and the excellent heat conductivity of copper speaks for itself.

Copper is the metal of love and can be polished easily and the tin-lined interior can be re-coated at any time. An acquisition for life from the  "CopperGarden®"  forges.

  • Fish set: oval fish pan made of copper with 2 cork coasters, a spatula, a wooden knife and a copper brush.
  • "CopperGarden®" traditionally hand-forged copper pan in heavy quality, 30 cm in length and brass handles on the sides
  • Oval shape = ideal for fish and long pieces of roast. Also for rice and vegetable dishes such as paella or risotto etc.
  • Sustainably produced within Europe with traditional processes (peening, pressing) and a lot of love and expertise.
  • Copper offers the best thermal conductivity of any material and antimagnetic properties.
  • Heavy copper quality like from another time. Sustainable: can be tinned again and again = a valuable purchase for life

<h1><strong>CopperGardenu00ae 30&nbsp;cm oval fish pan</strong></h1> <ul> <li>Ovale shape = perfect fish pan, resilient material</li> <li>Sturdy quality with high rim and with handles made of brass</li> <li>Material: copper, tinned by hand, handles made of brass</li> <li>Handforged EU brand quality</li> <li>Top quality: 1.2 mm strong copper</li> <li>Weight: almost 1 kg&nbsp;(ca.&nbsp;961 g)</li> <li>Lead-free tin, food-safe (100 % tin)</li> <li>Acid-proof, suitable for all foods</li> <li>Perfect for frying</li> <li>Also suitable for paella and Wok dishes</li> <li>For all hobs, except induction!</li> <li>Can be used over open fire, on a grill and in the oven (max. 220 u00b0C)</li> <li>Induction possible with induction adapter plate - not included in delivery</li> <li>Easy to clean</li> <li>Antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal</li> <li>2 year guarantee (please see our warranty terms)</li> <li>Not magnetic!</li> <li>Total length with handles: ca. 49&nbsp;cm</li> <li>Length without handles: ca. 31.6&nbsp;cm</li> <li>Bottom length: ca. 27.5</li> <li>Width: ca. 19&nbsp;cm (bottom)</li> <li>Width: ca. 22&nbsp;cm (top diameter)</li> <li>Height: ca 4.2&nbsp;cm</li> <li>Copper is the metal of love: you will absolutely love this pan!</li> <li>Handmade = sustainable EU quality</li> <li>Copper has the best heat conductivity of all materials</li> <li>An acquisition for generations</li> <li>Decorative: also usable as decoration on a shelf or by hanging it up a wall</li> <li>Can be tinned again and again without any problem</li> <li>Vegan = without the use of animal products</li></ul> <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Why tinned copper?</strong>&nbsp;Copper offers the best heat conductivity. With a core or a coating made of aluminum or steel, this advantage is lost. The tinning is 100 % harmless, because the body simply excretes tin again. Nevertheless, the thermal conductivity is retained. If the tinning is unsightly and scratched one day, it can be re-tinned. This means that the pan can be used for a lifetime.&nbsp;</p>

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