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"CopperGarden®" "Hobby II" 2.5 litre distillation apparatus with thermometer

Alembic table still for hobby distillers. This apparatus has proved its worth since years. The “Hobby ll” distillation still is suitable for leisure purposes.

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"CopperGarden®" distillation apparatus "Hobby II" 2.5 litre with thermometer

Premium quality Alembic still which has proved its worth since years. Completely functional, it is delivered with its stand, alcohol burner, seals, water-tight boiler, and condenser with cooling coil and its inlet and outlet pipes. The apparatus is mounted on a wooden board.

This still has been substantially improved to include handy new features compared to the previous models. For instance, you can plug your running water supply into the condenser to inject and release water to and from the cooling system. This will guarantee continuous cooling during extended periods of distillation. Due to its rotating wrought iron frame, the boiler can easily be opened and taken out. A small detail that has all its importance. The still is ready for use after unpacking.

The “Hobby 2” is a great hobby still, due to its handy size. An ideal party accessory, perfect for making your noble home made spirits. Combined with an aroma sieve, which we supply separately, this still is ideal for flavouring neutral spirits and essential oil extraction. It is fitted with a standard “Al-Ambik” thermometer.

Ideal apparatus for home distilling : attractive design and ready for use.


  • "CopperGarden®" "Hobby II" 2.5 litre distillation apparatus with thermometer 
  • Boiler volume of approx. 2.5 litres
  • Ideal for hobby distilling
  • Suitable for distilling alcohol and making distilled water as well as extracting essential oils. 
  • Fitted with an Al-Ambik  distillation thermometer



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