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CopperGarden® snail ring for plants, copper

Snails dislike copper – that is why it is very easy to keep them away from individual plants by simply placing a copper ring around the plant.

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CopperGarden® snail ring

   Snail ring for plants: Copper plant ring as deterrent against pests and protection for plants. You can cultivate your garden without toxins if you know how to use some simple tricks. For example, snails refuse to crawl over copper barriers because their slime reacts with the copper and that damages the membranes.

 With the "CopperGarden®" plant ring you can safely and permanently protect your favorite plants from snails. Simply place the copper ring around the plant. You can safeguard your large perennials with the ring for many years and at the same time enrich the soil with important copper and improve the appearance of the garden. These constantly reusable plant rings are also ideal for vegetables and everything you want to protect from pests.  

   The copper snail rings are hand-made from plain copper and the rim crimped by hand so that there are no sharp edges. The 3 cm height is sufficient for anchoring the ring in the earth and still prevents snails from crawling over it. The diameter is an impressive 20 cm and is certainly enough to protect a larger tree or a whole head of lettuce.



  • Copper snail ring for protection against snails 
  • 20 cm diameter / 3 cm height
  • European hand craftmanship
  • Guaranteed to be the best for your garden 
  • Long-lasting quality for generations 

Regardless of the respective legal requirements, Destillatio offers a dealer warranty of 2 years for this product. Please click here to view complete Destillatio guarantee policy


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