Decorative Distillery "Alembic" - 0,2 L

Very decorative alembic and the smalles distilling system in our range of products. It is a real eye-catcher and could be used for distillation if desired, but the alcohol yield would be very small. Therefore, it will serve better as adornment model.

Item number: E-5150
Product weight: 432 g
Shipping Weight: 1000 g


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   This tiny distillery consists of three parts: the caldron holding up to 200 ml, a head with swan neck and a condenser with integrated cooling coil. The alembic is riveted just like the larger models as well as having brass handles on the sides.

   All in all, this distillery is the smallest still that we offer in our range of products, very decorative and also suitable for distillation if desired. But due to the size, the alcohol yield would be too small.


ca 160 mm wide , 90 mm deep und 180 mm tall
Copper weight: 215 g
Package weight: 430 g
Shipping weight: 680 g
Material: polished copper sealed with protective paint
Use: decoration - with upgrades fully functional for distillation (by removing the protective paint and sealing with natural materials)

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