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"Al-Ambik®" distillation equipment Fortuna 0,5 liters

Distillation equipment made of laboratory borosilicate glass. Sturdy and attractive to look at, and suitable for observing the individual processes during distillation.

Item No.: E-1701

Shipping weight: 2000 g

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"Al-Ambik®" distillation equipment  Fortuna 0,5 liters

   Attractive distillation equipment made of glass – ideal for observing and following the individual processes of distillation. This still was made exclusively for us in a German craftman´s workshop. This fully functional, premium quality product, was crafted according to our specifications using the traditional art of glass blowing.

   We placed great value on an attractive appearance and orientated ourselves on examples from the Middle Ages. Nevertheless, at the same time we have made sure it is fully functional and can also offer some extras as attachments.

   We supply the still complete with a stand made out of a horseshoe, the glass retort, the head attachment with a long, sideways sloping distillation tube, a spirit lamp, and a collection vial with cork.  

   In case you are afraid of breakage: if necessary, we can supply all individual pieces as replacement parts – however, the borosilicate glass which is used is very sturdy.

   Please note that we offer here the still without thermometer (and not as shown in the picture). The thermometer with silicon stopper is separately available as an accessory. We supply all attachments and replacement parts for this fantastic still.



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