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"CopperGarden®" Column Still 100 liters, riveted

Special Offer! Highly decorative column still fully functional for the production of essential oils as well as for alcohol

Item No.: E-0599 Occitane

Shipping weight: 65000 g

Availability: Immediate delivery from warehouse

You receive a beautifully handcrafted still with riveted boiler and  swivelling column. By request we can deliver this copper still as decoration which is essential for German clients who don't have a distilling permit. For this, we drill three holes into 1. the boiler, 2. the ghost pipe 3. and the cooling coil of the condenser. Distilling is now impossible.

Alcohol distillations: By filling the column with glass, e.g. little schnapps glasses that you turn upside down, you can increase the steam resistance which is important to receive high proof alcohol in just one run. For little still models Raschig rings are being used.




Important note:

The pictures were taken from a soldered model with drain pipe and simply serve as example. The stand is not included in delivery and sometimes the still comes without drain pipe. Please ask us for the current still version!


Technical Data:

  • CopperGarden® column still
  • made in EU, 3 years guarantee
  • ca. 100 L holding capacity
  • with metal frame for easy cleaning
  • brass screw connection, with handles


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Availability: Immediate delivery from warehouse

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