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Alembic stills from 0,5 L to 1000 L

Alembic stills

Timeless beauties in classic shapes

   The alembic is a still with a long tradition. In the "CopperGarden®" forge, the alembic still has been continually improved for generations, so we are now able to offer four different, well-designed and safe models. Quality is precisely a matter of experience!

  The exact details of the individual models can be seen as a film under "videos". Please note the legal clauses. In Germany you need customs authorisation in order to use a still in this category.

Below you can choose from various models:

Alembic stills

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"CopperGarden" Alembic 150L, welded

"CopperGarden" Alembic 150L, welded

RRP: 1790,00 You save 221,00 Out of stock, reordered