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Water bath still "Super CU 100L" MEKS-AGRO 100 litres

Distillation apparatus with pressure double boiler for safe fruit mash distillation.

Item No.: G-6614

Shipping weight: 135000 g

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Water bath still "Super CU 100L" MEKS-AGRO 100 litres

We now represent the Slovenian still manufacturer, Meks-Agro and have therefore released a "Destillatio" special edition with our own additional features and upgrades. The stills are sent directly from our warehouse in the Rhön region (just east of the Land of Hessen in Germany).  

This still is delivered with a gas burner and pressure hose for Butane or Propane gas cylinders. It can however also be used on a wood fire. The condenser is fitted with a water intake and outlet for cooling as well as an efficient Al-Ambik® distillation thermometer. 

The boiler and head, as well as the connecting pipe is made of copper. Below the boiler, the burner wind-screen and the condenser are made of stainless steel. As a special feature, the boiler can be swivelled on its side, making emptying and cleaning much easier. 

You are very welcome to visit our museum in the Rhön area, where you can see our different models and ask for precisions. 



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