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"Ferrari" 1L "Crystal" still with thermometer

Fantastic recreational distillation apparatus with a glass condenser to admire the distillation process.

Item No.: E-1497

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"Ferarri" 1L "Crystal" still with thermometer

  Check out this very special distillation apparatus. The glass condenser allows observing, step by step the distillation process.
Watch how the top part gets covered with steam, you can watch out for the very first drops! They’ll soon drop heavily until the coil fills with the precious distillate.

A fantastic still for hobby distillers, who can appreciate the distillation process due to its transparency.

  • Boiler volume : approx 1 liter
  • Weight : 5 kg
  • Materials used: copper, stainless steel, glass and wood
  • Usage : wine distillation, aroma distillation, decoration


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