"Browin" Turbo Yeast X-Pure for 100 litres | 21,3 % alcohol in 12 days

Up to 21 % alcohol in 12 days. Cheap turbo yeast from Poland for fast fermentation, even at higher temperatures of up to 30 °C. Equally suitable for sugar water and fruit mashes.

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Browin Turbo Yeast X-Pure 21.3% alcohol in 12 days

The Browin X-Pure turbo yeast is the strongest turbo yeast that we know. The 21.3 % is unique and actually achievable with the triple addition of a total of 36 kilos of sugar. The yeast offers other preparation options too, such as the one-time addition of only 25 kilos of sugar with the goal of reaching 15 % alcohol after 5-6 days.

All preparation options are described on the package, and the yeast can also be used for fruit mash. Browin yeast is a special yeast for alcohol production and due to the refined mixture of two yeast strains with matched nutrient salt it, can ferment quickly, survive high temperatures of up to 30 °C and ferment to the promised 21.3 vol% with sufficient supply of sugar. 

This yeast is ideal for fruit mash during the summertime and also suitable for beginners, because here you can hardly do anything wrong. The ideal fermentation temperature is between 20 and 25 °C. Why turbo yeast? If you need a high-proof and tasteless alcohol as quickly as possible, then turbo yeast is your best bet. Simply stir the yeast into 100 litres of sugar water or sweet juice, let the whole thing stand between 20 and 25 °C, and you're done ...

The Browin X-Pure turbo yeast can do even more: You can also use this turbo yeast for fruit wine or for the production of  neutral alcohol for distilling and purification in a copper still later on! Especially if you add additional sugar to your mash, this turbo yeast can work wonders. This turbo yeast ferments reliably and safely and can quickly extract flavors from the fruit. Thanks to the high activity of the optimized yeast cultures, faulty fermentations are hardly to be expected when using turbo yeast.

Another advantage: Especially in summer and in southern countries, thanks to this turbo yeast, fermentation can still take place even at very high temperatures (up to a maximum of 30 °C). Our essences and flavors are ideal complements to turbo yeast. If you ferment and distill sugar water with turbo yeast, you will get neutral alcohol, which you can quickly turn into your favorite drink by adding an aroma essence.

Important note for commercial use of alcohol: Turbo yeast must not be used in the production of brandy in cetain types of distilleries! Turbo yeast would increase the alcohol content and  this could negatively influence or distort tax calculation. Please always check the laws and regulations of your country first.



  • Browin Turbo Yeast X-Pure 21.3Vol% - yeast optimized for alcohol, complete with nutrients in a bag.
  • Reach 15 % alcohol in 5 days or up to 21.3Vol% in 12 to 14 days with sugar water
  • Optimally balanced turbo yeast with nutrient salts for 100 litres of sugar water or up to 400 litres of fruit mash
  • One of the best yeasts on the market - always succeeds - also suitable for more difficult fruits

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