"Browin" Turbo Yeast X-Pure for 25 litres | 21.3% alcohol in 5 days!

"Browin" Turbo Yeast X-Pure for 25 litres | up to 21.3% alcohol in 5 days! Inexpensive super turbo yeast from Poland for fast fermentation even at higher temperatures. Equally suitable for sugar water and fruit mashes

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Browin X-PURE 21.3Vol% Turbo Yeast

This special Polish turbo yeast is able to ferment sugar water up to 21.3% due to its "double yeast mixture". You can achieve an alcohol content of 15 vol% with 6 kilos of sugar within only 48 hours or 21.3 vol% with a total of 9 kilos of sugar in 7 to a maximum of 14 days. A true power yeast with top performance. Ideal also for beginners, because you can hardly do anything wrong here.

Why turbo yeast? If you need a high-proof alcohol as quickly as possible, then this turbo yeast is perfect for you. Simply stir the yeast into 25 litres of sugar water or sweet juice, let the whole thing stand between 20° and 25° degrees Celsius, and that's it ...

Turbo yeast can do more: You can also use this turbo yeast for fruit and fruit wine or for making mash! Especially if you add additional sugar to your mash, this turbo yeast can work wonders. This turbo yeast ferments very reliably and safely and can quickly extract flavours from the fruit. Thanks to the high activity of the optimised yeast cultures, faulty fermentations are hardly to be expected when using this turbo yeast.

Another advantage: Especially in summer and in southern countries, thanks to this turbo yeast, fermentation can still take place at very high temperatures (up to almost 30° C). Our essences and aromas are the ideal complement to turbo yeast. If you ferment and distil sugar water with turbo yeast, you will get neutral alcohol, which you can quickly turn into your favourite drink by adding an aroma essence.

Important note from customs: Turbo yeast must not be used in the production of brandy in cessation distilleries! Turbo yeast would increase the alcohol content and customs would be wrong with their tax calculation bases.

  • Browin X-PURE 21.3Vol% Turbo Yeast | Yeast blend optimised for high-proof alcohol with nutrients.
  • Achieve 15% alcohol in 48 hours or 21% alcohol in 14 days with sugar water
  • Optimally balanced turbo yeast with nutrient salts for 25 litres of sugar water or up to 100 litres of fruit mash
  • EU production in Poland. Always succeeds and is also suitable for more difficult fruits and berries

<h2>Browin X-PURE 21.3Vol% Turbo Yeast</h2> <p>21,3Vol% alcohol from sugar water in 12 -14 days</p> <ul> <li>Super turbo yeast for high-proof sugar mashes</li> <li>135 grams of yeast mixture with optimised nutrients</li> <li>For 25 litres of sugar mash or up to 100 litres of fruit mash</li> <li>Recommended sugar quantity: 6-9 kilos</li> <li>For perfect results it is recommended to distribute the sugar addition</li> <li>Precise instructions on the package</li> <li>Optimum fermentation temperature: 20-25u00b0C</li> <li>Optimal fermentation time: up to 14 days (depending on the batch also shorter)</li> <li>Made in EU (Poland)</li></ul>

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