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CopperGarden® Electric Table-top still Arabia 0.5 L Supreme & Water pump accessory set

Table-top still Arabia - our best-selling miniature copper still now available in lifetime quality and with smooth finish

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CopperGarden® Table-top still Arabia 0.5 L supreme & water pump accessory set 

The normal CopperGarden® Arabia still is certainly one of the best hobby stills ever. With this extraordinary "Supreme" variant you get a uniquely high-quality version. The still comes from the hands of our best master blacksmith and is our latest model in line with the 2018 Alcohol Tax Act. If you value the highest quality, function and reliability, then you are certainly well served with this still. A purchase for generations...

With this table distillery you can legally produce hydrolates and essential oils yourself. Thanks to the perfectly coordinated components and the perfectly fitting and additionally supplied spirit burner, the still is uniquely safe and versatile. The construction of the plant, as well as the distillation itself, are completely uncomplicated, even beginners can quickly achieve demonstrable success. Advanced burners can even use steam to distill, make spirits or make high-proof alcohols thanks to the wide range of accessories.

Please note the pictures! We hope that you can see how lovingly and thoughtfully the individual components come together. In addition to the great variety of functions and fantastic expansion options, the Arabia Destille also offers a beautiful and harmonious design. This distillery will delight you with its classy appearance at the table or on the shelf, even when you are not using it. Fun is guaranteed when distilling! And the joy afterwards is even better. You can still enjoy the distillates years later when you taste, use or give it away. Create your own schnapps, perfumes, natural cosmetics or even remedies. This still gives you all the options...

The ideal distillation system for all purposes in the commercial and hobby area. Ideal if you want to distill a lot and want an easy-care, uncomplicated system! Please note the perfectly processed and stabilized cooler with the special cooling water inlet, which directs the cooling water directly to the right place. The generous brass screw connection has also proven to be extremely safe and practical to use, especially when the still is in operation and the components are hot. This is a great advantage. In addition, the kettle is made of one piece and that in the best heavy copper quality. The temperature is distributed evenly and burning is almost unlikely. Many small but perfectly thought-out details that will be of great help to you when distilling!

This new distillation system will surely give you pleasure for many years even when used heavily. Inside the high hat is a removable copper sieve for aroma and steam distillation. The top of the still can be filled with herbs or spices. How to turn any alcohol into a tasty aromatic spirit. Ideal for your own experiments and surprise drinks. With this still it is possible to distill successfully in a short time and to have a lot of fun!

Important NOTE: With the new German alcohol tax law (like all other stills up to 2 liters of still), this still can be sold legally in Germany without registering with the authorities since 01.01.2018. Please note that we as a dealer expressly point out that this still only for the distillation of distilled water, hydrolates, essential oils, flavors, fragrances, perfumes, fuels, food, for alchemical experiments, etc. or may be used as a collectible. If you distill alcohol and get caught doing so, you may face a fine and confiscation of the still.



  • The tried and tested 0,5 Liter Arabia still – very versatile!
  • The original from the "CopperGarden®" forge
  • Includes a detailed 16-page instruction brochure   
  • With safety screw connection and improved quality
  • Suitable for production of flavoured spirits and herbal distillates 


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