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Filter Strainer Cloth / Cheesecloth 75 x 62 cm

Special strainer cloth for squeezing out berries and fruits by hand. Also suitable for filtering off sauces and mash or for making cheese and dumplings. Pure cotton, machine washable.

Item No.: G-4719

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A special filter cloth made of pure cotton for pressing out berries and fruits by hand, or in small fruit presses (up to 6 liters volume). Also suitable as a strainer for removing solid pieces from liquids. Useful for production of cheese or filtering mash, liqueurs and flavored alcohol.

This kind of cloth should never be missing in a well-equipped kitchen, since it is always so practical to have for making cheese or filtering sauces.

Recipes for using cloth: Heat 2 liters of whole milk and add the juice of 1 lemon. The milk will curdle, and when you pour it all through the cloth and carefully squeeze, (and then hang up to drain well), you will obtain an Indian cheese (Paneer). You can coat this with breadcrumbs and fry – delicious! You can drink the whey which you also obtain!

Or you can add some yogurt (culture) to 1 liter milk and leave it to stand overnight. The next day you will have enough yogurt to hang up in the cloth. After a few hours the yogurt is firm enough and you can enjoy it as cream cheese with olive oil, salt and fresh herbs (or garlic) on bread.

Please do not use detergents or other chemicals for cleaning! That would spoil the flavor of your product. Furthermore, chemicals could be harmful to your health. It is completely sufficient to boil the cloth in water for several minutes.


  • Food-proof
  • Sturdy filter cloth 75 x 62 cm
  • Pure cotton
  • Machine washable & and easy to care
  • For fruit, potato, cheese and more …


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