1x Fondue Fork, beechwood 24 cm

Fondue Fork made of beechwood, 24 cm long

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Fondue forks made of beechwood, 24 cm

The best fondue forks for your fondue pot. We tried many and compared them directly with other fondue forks. Especially if you use meat fondue for longer, metal forks get hot and you can hardly touch them or put them in your mouth. The wooden forks won our fondue test because they offer many advantages despite their sturdy appearance.

What are the advantages of a wooden fondue fork?

The natural material is sustainable and easy to care for. It's even antibacterial and doesn't create any waste when disposed of. Since it does not conduct heat, it is extremely suitable as a fondue fork even with hot fat or boiling broth. Thanks to the relatively large surface, cheese and chocolate fondues can also be handled perfectly. The surface is sealed by immersion in cooking oil and the wood remains protected over a very long period of time. 

Fondue is fun, try it and enjoy!

  • Fondue forks made of natural beechwood 
  • Wood: easy to handle, does not get hot
  • Sustainable quality

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