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"Medicura®" Hot Stone foot massager & hydrotherapy

Premium quality foot massager from the luxurious „Zen“ series from Medicura.- guaranteed to pamper your feet.

Item No.: G-3651

Shipping weight: 5000 g

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"Medicura®" Hot Stone foot massager & hydrotherapy

This foot massager is guaranteed to be a blessing for your feet, and can be used in many different settings, depending on your mood. Thanks to the temperature control, the appliance heats the water automatically. The basalt stones which are included are also heated to 45°C and guarantee a unique thermal massage experience for your feet.

   In addition, this exceptional foot massager can also be used for a relaxing vibration massage. Another special feature is infrared which treats your feet to a small accupuncture-like, stimulating experience.  

Versatility … this is as good as it gets!

The appliance is supplied with a total of 2 kilos (4 packs hygienically sterilized) genuine basalt stones.  

Our tip: add a few drops of essential oil (lavender or rosemary) to the water and you can pamper your feet a bit more.


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