Ceramic Scent Stone (black) for essential oils

Use your favourite essential oils along with this little fragrance stone and create a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

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Ceramic Scent Stone (black) for essential oils

Small and subtle ceramic bowl in black with scent stone that can be used for your favourite essential oils and perfumes. A fantastic little tool for room scenting and relaxation. In contrast to aroma lamps, scent stones are safer to use and can be left unattended.

Only a few drops on the porous surface are needed to refresh the air and are absorbed quickly by the scent stone. The scent is released slowly at room temperature and can be intensified on a heater.

Using a scent stone gently touches your olfactoy sense and is one of the healthiest methods to use essential oils and perfumes, because the oils remain in their natural state without being heated.

Create a relaxing atmosphere in your home, close your eyes and take a break from everyday life for a while!


  • Fragrance stone (ceramic) for essential oils
  • Colour: black
  • Beautiful pottery art for your home
  • Total diameter: ca. 5.5 cm, inside diameter: ca. 3 cm

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