"Basilika" incense burner

"Basilika" incense burner, 26 cm high with suspension chains. Very decorative.

Item number: E-3897
Product weight: 750 g
Shipping Weight: 1200 g


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"Basilika" incense burner

   Large solid copper incense burner, three suspension chains. The 26cm high copper urn is conceived to hold incense charcoal tablets, allowing longer fragrance diffusion.
The "Basilika" incense burner is perfect for incense charcoals and all types of fragranced resins.


  • Big swing incense burner
  • Made of pure copper
  • For large-lasting fumigations
  • Ideal to clean house and property
  • weight: 1,02 kg, height: 26 cm

<ul> <li>weight: 1,02 kg, height: 26 cm</li> <li>Incense urn</li> <li>Solid copper</li> <li>Three suspension chains</li></ul>

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