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Heating belt "Better Brew Belt"

Special heating belt with low heat for keeping your mash container (up to 50 liters volume) warm - for perfect fermentation even in winter.

Item No.: E-3033

Shipping weight: 500 g

Availability: Immediate delivery from warehouse

Heating belt - Better Brew Belt

You can place this English heating belt around your fermentation container during mashing to keep your mash at an optimal tempeature, especially in winter or in cold rooms. The belt is also very useful for attaining the right temperaturre during beer brewing.  

The belt is adjustable in the girth and is suitable for fermentation containers up to 40 or maximum 50 liters volume. Of course, you can also keep pots and cauldrons warm - not suitable for aquarium or terrarium heating.  


  • Only 25 watts energy consumption  
  • Brewing belt heats your fermentation container 
  • Delivery with European plug 


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