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NEW SET: "CopperGarden®" Hennin still 0.5L & sieve (S)

Cheaper in a set - the hennin still in a complete set with a copper aroma sieve and condenser for the production of spirits.

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"CopperGarden®" "Hennin" still (0.5L) & sieve

Original hennin still constructed according to historical drawings from the Middle Ages. Unlike the medieval original, we supply this still in a set with a special aroma sieve and condenser for experimenting with all kinds of herbs, spices and other things.

   Thanks to the sieve, the still is suitable for use as full-fledged steam distillation equipment, ideal for all alchemists who want to work as true to historical methods as possible. Inside the head is a welded on collection channel - during distillation the distillate condenses in the pointed head and runs through the channel and out of the still.  

   Please note that sufficient cooling is very important for this model. You should distil in a cold room or cool the head with cold water, snow or ice during distillation. 

   The hennin still can be enlarged as desired using further seives and is also suitable for distilling essential oils.


  • Hennin still constructed according to historical drawings 
  • Complete set with small aroma sieve and condenser
  • Subsequent extension possible
  • Additional aroma basket available 
  • Ideal for modern alchemists 


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