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Our Museum

Buchenau Aroma Museum

Visit our aroma and distillery museum in the Rhön region, east of the Land of Hesse!

An outstanding exposition on alcohol distillation and essential oils extraction. Several dedicated spaces of interest are spread over a few floors. In the cellar, discover a captivating clandestine distillery and in the loft, an alchemy chamber. Our well-equipped shop offers a selection of over 1500 exclusive items from our Destillatio online boutique.

Behind the museum and shop, you can also discover our aroma garden of 2000m2. As well as offering a pleasant olfactory experience (as you stroll through the scented herbs under the tunnel of roses for example), the garden also exposes medicinal herbs, a secret patch of prohibited plants associated with witchcraft and several cosy spots to relax in. We look forward to guiding you around the museum and garden.

Opposite the museum, you’ll find the Destillatio exhibit. If you’re interested in larger stills and alembics, you’ll find them in all shapes and sizes here. We’ll be glad to explain the different applications.

While you’re in the small village of Buchenau (Eiterfled), home town of our aroma museum, why not discover other local places of interest. Historically rich, Buchenau counts a population of about 500 inhabitants. With its three castles and beautiful landscapes, it’s a peaceful village where we highly recommend you to walk through the historical centre and why not stop off at the award-winning café, « Ritterstube ».

Buchenau Aroma Museum
Kirchweg 5A
36132 Eiterfeld OT Buchenau

Nordrhön, Hessen, Raum Fulda und Bad Hersfeld

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Access map

access map - Buchenau Aroma Museum