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Hot water bottle made of copper, large

Large, copper hot water bottle, also suitable for heating the room - fill the bottle with hot water and place it under the bed, for example. Copper always radiates the heat evenly.

Item No.: E-4375

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Hot water bottle made of copper, large

Large copper hot water bottle which is rarely found today. It is a relict of the old times when grandmothers still found a way to provide their big families with all the care needed by using simple, but highly effective methods.

   With this hot water bottle it is even possible to heat up an entire room. Especially during winter when it is cold outside, it is very pleasant to create a warm and cosy ambiance inside or to gently warm up the bed.

    If the bottle is placed under or next to the bed it can even serve to heat a small room for a few hours. A hot water bottle like this can almost serve as a heater.


  • Large hot water bottle made of copper 
  • Suitable for hot water , Brass fittings , Attractive appearance 
  • Like in the good old days
  • Specifications: Width: 23 cm, Length: 30 cm, Height: 7 cm, total height with seal: 12 cm
  • Weight: 760 g


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