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"Speidel" hydraulic 20 L fruit press

This "Speidel" hydro press has a yield of 10 litres of juice for 15 kilos of apples – let water pressure do the job for you.

Item No.: G-6270

Shipping weight: 16000 g

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"Speidel" 20 L hydraulic fruit press 

   This "Speidel" German-made hydraulic press allows easy and efficient extraction of fruit juice. Just fill the basket with fruit mash, close the lid and turn the tap water on. A standard tap will supply up to 20 tons of pressure. The small ventilation slots allow a high yield in juice. This Hydro Press will economise your efforts and optimise your yield, with up to 10 litres of juice for 15kg of apples.

The ideal fruit press for those seeking genuine flavours!

 This fruit press is an ecological solution for cold-press pulp extraction, conserving a maximum of vitamins. This German quality press is also appropriate for professional use. We supply accessories and spare parts. The press is delivered with a press filter bag and a spray hood


  • 10 litres of juice for 15 kg of apples
  • High pressure with hydraulic power supply
  • Splashproof due to the spray hood
  • Easy to clean = always hygenic
  • German quality
  • Press procedure of about 10 minutes
  • Made by: "Speidel"


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